Eater's Digest - Digestion Easing Remedy 10ml

Eater's Digest - Digestion Easing Remedy 10ml

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When our tummy protests, this remedy saves the day with its ability to soothe away stomach discomfort and support healthy digestion. 

How to Use:

Apply directly onto stomach, as desired and massage in gently. Start with the lower dosage and increase if well tolerated and if symptoms persist.


Uses: muscle spasms, stomach cramps, bloating, nausea, flatulence, joint paint, arthritis

Fennel is a plant that looks a little like dill. Antiseptic and soothing, fennel oil (which has a sweet taste to it) is also antispasmodic, meaning it helps relax involuntary muscle spasms. This makes it a go-to for digestive system issues such as stomach aches, flatulence, bloating and even nausea. “It’s quite a beautiful and versatile essential oil.”


Uses: pain, headache, indigestion, concentration

Peppermint is a stimulating ingredient.  It gets things moving and brings blood to the surface, creating that hot and cold feeling. In addition to its cooling properties, peppermint is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It works wonders on muscle and headaches, as well as fevers and indigestion.

Black pepper

Uses: muscle aches, sprains, joint pain, digestive issues

Black pepper is good for pain, chills and colds. We use it in very small amounts—it’s very concentrated as you might imagine.  Akin to fennel, black pepper is also antispasmodic and can help alleviate symptoms of digestive track issues.