Bath Salts

So the other day one of my good friends asked me what I do for myself.  I actually had to think about that.  I couldn't really answer that.  I take care of my family, I work full-time, I go grocery shopping every week but  "What do I really do for me?"  As mothers, caregivers, we are always looking after others first.  We don't take time for just ourselves.  

My recommendation is to make the time to pamper yourself!  Grab one our our salt baths or a bath bombs.  Send the kids out with dad, get a glass of wine or a cup of tea, light a candle, play some soft music, sit back, soak and relax.  

Our premium bath products will invigorate and restore ones body, mind and soul. Tapping deep within to pure tranquillity, while toxins and negativity flow out from the body leaving one with a clear mind, a relaxed body and a full soul. 

Enjoy - You deserve it!

Much Love,


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