Aromatherapy Spray Mists, Room Spray Air Care & Poo Fume Toilet Spritzers

Aromatherapy Spray Mist

Designed to help you de-stress, sleep better, and breathe easier. Our aromatherapy sprays will help you balance your mind and body to get you feeling your best.

Room Spray Mist - Air Care

Have a good air day. Spritz your way to a fresher environment by giving your space a natural pick-me-up. With our essential oil-based sprays you can finally say goodbye to stale air, and hello to all natural, refreshing aromas.

Poo Fume Toilet Spritzer

It’s pretty simple, really! When spritzed into the toilet bowl before-you-go, Poo Fume's pure blend of fragrances and natural essential oils creates a film on the surface of the water.  The protective barrier traps odor under the surface, before it ever begins! All you’ll smell is a refreshing bouquet of fragrances and natural essential oils.  Happy flushing!

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