Cherry Lip Balm

Cherry Lip Balm

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Dry, chapped lips are just one of the problems encountered during the winter. For years we've slathered our mouths with petroleum based lip products, only to find our lips just as chapped & dry as before. Why? Well, petroleum and petroleum-based products actually dry out your lips! Such products can act as a barrier for protection in extreme conditions, but do little past that. Our balms help protect your lips from the sun and the drying effects of our Canadian climate. Natural ingredients such as Candelilla (Plant) wax & Vitamin E provide incredible soothing qualities while the yummy flavours give you something to smack your lips about!

100% Vegan

*Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Candelilla (Plant) Wax *Butyrospermmum Parkii (*Shea Butter)  & Vitamin, fresh cherry scent!  Yummy!!